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Fobby was just a child when his family immigrated from Pakistan. The deep and dramatic lessons of his early years in this country have guided him and continue to inform his perspectives to this day. When he has had to navigate challenges, threats, and losses, he’s done so with the resourcefulness, tenacity, and gratitude of an immigrant eager to learn grow, and succeed. His journey has included daunting obstacles, but he has never let them deter him from successfully becoming a man who today is experiencing happiness in all aspects of his life.

Since stepping into the mortgage industry in 1994, Fobby has become an award-winning mortgage professional and has written for multiple industry magazines. In the fall of 2021, Fobby published his first book, Falling Forward: Mishaps on the Road to Happiness.

Fobby is known to share his experience with others that are on his team or are coaching with Fobby. He finds this organic method to be more valuable rather than repeating sales theories. He finds it most useful to tell stories of what has and has not worked for him rather than repeating what we already know all the sales books have to say. By combining experience, humor, and a holistic approach to life, Fobby can connect with those on his team and those that he serves in a unique and effective way.