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At The Intersection of Media and Mortgages w/ Clayton Collins

Episode Summary In today’s episode, we’re joined by Clayton Collins, Founder and CEO of HW Media. We get into the state of the current housing market, the purpose of lawsuits in the industry, HW media’s digital-first newsroom, and use ChatGPT. 

Our guest, Clayton Collins, is the CEO of HW Media. He leads HW Media’s corporate strategy and content roadmap while building a world-class team of business media professionals. He is also a managing partner of Riomar Capital, an entrepreneurial investment firm that acquired HousingWire in 2016. 

Before finding Riomar Capital, Collins worked in the mergers and acquisitions group at RBC Capital Markets and served as vice president of national sales and marketing at Citibank. Collins holds a degree in business administration from Elon University and completed his MBA at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.  

Topics Discussed 

• [01:09] Clayton’s eating habits. 

• [02:16] HW Media. 

• [07:42] HW’s target audience. 

• [12:41] Seasoned housing leaders. 

• [19:25] What does the housing market look like? 

• [25:17] Consolidation. • [28:28] The purpose of litigation. 

• [31:40] The HW Newsroom. 

• [34:27] Is this a good time to start a business? 

• [37:10] ChatGPT.  

Key Takeaways 

• “Our experiences can hold us back from opportunities.” 

• “A new home is closer to a banana than an existing home.” 

• “The right time to start a business is when you’re ready to start a business.”  

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