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Building Relationships, Not Selling A Product

In today’s episode of LLE with Madness, we get into the Federal Reserve’s plan to combat inflation, the conspiracy around the Federal Reserve, 2-1 buydowns in today’s market, why properties should be treated as investments, and we announce Podapalooza.

Topics Discussed

· [01:10] The Federal Reserve is at it again.

· [03:57] The Federal Reserve conspiracy.

· [05:54] What to tell a loan officer.

· [08:28] 2-1 buydowns today.

· [12:08] Flex on the Gram.

· [15:08] Treating a property as an investment.

· [20:19] How’s Madness doing in this market?

· [23:21] Why do realtors expect us to pick up the tab?

· [26:30] Switching companies.

· [28:30] Podapalooza.

Key Takeaways

· “You need to be building trust and building relationships and stop focusing on selling a product.”

· “If you have a 2-1 buydown, but you have nobody trust you, it doesn’t matter what you have.”

· “Fear is peeing in your pants, and courage is doing what you’ve got to do with wet pants.”

· “Never confuse a single defeat with the final defeat.”

Follow the podcast: Host: Fobby Naghmi. Co-Host: Madison Keenan.