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Creating Social Media Content with ChatGPT

In this episode, we talk with Joe Wilson, the founder of Social Coach, about developing content ideas for your business using ChatGPT.

Joe emphasizes that technology is only as good as the person using it, and it is important to understand how to use tools like effectively (which he demonstrates how to access at 8:09 in the episode).

  • He also encourages listeners not to draw boundaries between AI and their personality and to use AI tools to complement their own strengths and expertise (14:19).
  • Joe emphasizes the power of being specific with your questions and how asking the right questions can lead to more valuable insights and content (18:38).
  • The discussion also covers email marketing and database mining and how to use these tools effectively to stay in touch with customers and prospects (24:14).
  • Listeners also learn how to get started with newsletters and the importance of having an SEO strategy for your business (29:06, 32:59).
  • Joe also addresses whether it’s necessary to co-author content and how to get a platform for your content (38:06).

This episode is packed with practical tips and advice for anyone looking to improve their content creation process and leverage AI tools in their business.