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Join Fobby Naghmi, SVP of Homecomings Mortgage, and Madison Keenan of CrossCountry Mortgage in a riveting discussion between father-daughter duo Joe and Maddie.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at how industry veterans and fresh talents view the landscape of sales, mortgage, and networking. It turns out the age-old saying ”Father Knows Best” holds a significant value when you dive into the world of sales and relationship building. But don't let the generational gap fool you; the pair has more in common than you think.

Both Joe and Maddie employ humor as a powerful tool in their respective professions. Maddie uses wit and charm on TikTok to break down the complexities of mortgages and home-buying, turning what could be a stress-inducing topic into something relatable. Joe, on the other hand, reminisces about the days he would employ humor to diffuse high-stakes conversations about loan rates, taking the edge off a topic that tends to be tension-filled.

Joe's 50-plus years of experience shine when talking about the power of referral networks. He shares an incredible story about moving vodka from the United States to Moscow, an opportunity that came from a simple phone call from a friend in England. Maddie, too, has begun to see the networking potential, albeit digitally. Her TikTok videos act as a lead funnel, drawing viewers into her 'tribe' and eventually converting them into clients.

While Joe remains a staunch advocate for traditional networking, he acknowledges the digital shift. He talks about solving a shipping issue by going straight to the top via LinkedIn, showcasing that tenacity knows no bounds. Maddie, a digital native, corroborates this view, emphasizing the importance of leveraging online platforms to reach wider audiences.

No one is immune to blunders, and both Joe and Maddie share their 'cringe-worthy' experiences in sales pitches and marketing. For Joe, the cringe came from a bizarre pitch he received that included a box of $100 in one-dollar bills. Maddie's pet peeve is the saying, ”Marry the home, date the rate,” a term she feels misguides borrowers. Learning from such instances only adds to their growing expertise.

While Joe might have decades of experience under his belt, Maddie's fresh perspectives and digital savvy make her a force to be reckoned with. This loving father-daughter rivalry manifests as a mutual respect for each other’s craft, providing a wholesome picture of how traditional and modern approaches can coexist and enrich the industry.

The dialogue between Joe and Maddie highlights that while the tools of the trade may change, the essence of relationship-building, tenacity, and humor remains timeless. And in this case, father truly does know best—but he's got a lot to learn from his daughter, too.