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In this episode of Laugh, Lend, and Eat with Madness, hosts Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan welcome Julia Nilsen, a certified divorce coach and former attorney, to share her unique journey from the legal field to empowering others through divorce coaching.

Dive into Julia's personal story of navigating a complex divorce and how it propelled her to advocate for financial literacy and legal awareness in marriages.

What You'll Learn:

  • The Role of a Divorce Coach: Understand the vital support a coach offers in the maze of legal and financial decisions during a divorce.
  • Financial Awareness in Marriage: Insights into why being informed about finances and legal documents is crucial for marital stability and self-sufficiency.
  • Dealing with High-Conflict Personalities: Strategies for managing relationships with high-conflict individuals during stressful transitions.
  • Empowerment Through Education: Discover the benefits of educational programs like Second Saturday and how they can prepare individuals for the complexities of divorce.
  • The Importance of Effective Legal Representation: Learn from Julia’s experiences about the impact of having the right—or wrong—legal support.

Featured Moments:

  • [05:12] – Julia's Transition: Julia discusses her shift from practicing law to becoming a divorce coach after her own challenging divorce.
  • [18:45] – Financial Autonomy: The critical need for financial knowledge within marriages to prevent potential disadvantages in divorce proceedings.
  • [33:30] – High-Conflict Divorces: Julia shares techniques for handling divorces involving partners with high-conflict personalities.
  • [49:15] – Community Support: The role of community support programs and how they assist women in understanding their rights and preparing for divorce.
  • [1:02:20] – Choosing the Right Lawyer: Advice on selecting an attorney who aligns with your needs and how to change legal representation if necessary effectively.

Connect with Julia:
Follow Julia on TikTok (@JuliaLiveWell) and Instagram for more insights and support. Join her on this journey of turning personal challenges into a mission to help others navigate one of life's most difficult transitions.