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Introduction: Welcome to another edition of ”Laugh, Lend, and Eat” with the one and only Madison Keenan and Fobby Naghmi of Homecomings Mortgage &Equity. In this episode, Madison reflects on her experiences in the mortgage industry, discusses the challenges she faces, and acknowledges her growth and achievements over the past few years. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of time management, maintaining client relationships, and finding gratitude amidst the ups and downs of the industry.

Finding Balance in the Chaos: Madison kicks off the conversation by acknowledging the hectic nature of her work and the challenges it brings. She highlights the constant phone calls, varying levels of business, and the struggle to balance personal and professional commitments. Despite these challenges, Madison recognizes that she is doing well, especially considering the industry's current state. She expresses gratitude for her accomplishments and the opportunities that have come her way.

Building Relationships with Realtors: As a mortgage professional, Madison understands the importance of building solid relationships with real estate agents. She emphasizes the significance of quality time spent with realtors rather than focusing solely on quantity. Madison admits to her struggle with time management and reflects on her journey to find the right Balance. She acknowledges that controlling the conversation during meetings and allocating sufficient time for other important tasks are essential skills to master.

Navigating Personal and Professional Growth: Madison's growth in the mortgage industry has been significant since her early days. She reflects on her progress and her milestones, such as doubling or even tripling her production. Madison attributes her success to perseverance, following her intuition, and maintaining strong client relationships. She shares her experience of going through difficult periods and becoming stronger on the other side.

Dealing with Loss and Continuing Forward: Madison commemorates her father's two-year anniversary during this episode. She discusses her father's impact on her life and career, remembering him as a great listener. Madison shares a personal story about her first closing after her father's passing and the understanding and support she received from her client during that challenging time. She reflects on how her father's memory inspires her to keep going, even during challenging moments.

The Mortgage Industry: A Unique Journey: The hosts recognize that the mortgage industry is a unique and challenging field. They compare it to the mob, saying it doesn't choose you; you choose it. They acknowledge that the financial rewards in this industry are significant, making it a lucrative career choice. Despite the moments of doubt and thoughts of leaving, the hosts highlight the financial stability and potential for growth that the mortgage industry offers.

Conclusion: Madison's journey in the mortgage industry has been filled with highs and lows, personal and professional growth, and the ability to navigate challenges. She expresses gratitude for the opportunities she has received and acknowledges that, despite the difficulties, she is doing well. The hosts recognize the industry's financial rewards and impact on their lives. Ultimately, Madison's story is a testament to the resilience and determination required to succeed in the mortgage industry.