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How To Create A Podcast

How To Create A Mortgage Podcast

Welcome to another edition of Laugh, Lend, and Eat the Podcast. Today we’re joined by the 2020 Vision Sales Expert class. We’re going to explore everything you need to know about how to create a Mortgage podcast to give you the tools you need to get off the ground. So tune in and learn!

How “Laugh, Lend and Eat: Madness” Was Born

We start the show with Madison (the co-host) sharing what she does in Laugh, Lend and Eat Madness podcast. Madison shares that the madness is the name of a brand she is trying to establish. The Madness part of the Podcast came to fruition because after recording the traditional Podcast with Fobby, they would get off the recording side, and she would start a rapid-fire on things happening in real-time in her day-to-day mortgage business. They realized that that would make a great segment of what they were already doing in the Laugh, Lend and Eat Podcast. The traditional Podcast is based on interview style with one or multiple guests, while Laugh, Lend, and Eat: Madness podcast is her being real. She talks about things happening in real time, including the market, the interest rates, clients, or something that she feels is a common theme many loan officers are going through. To hear more, go to 02:26

Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast

Next, we talk about why you should start a podcast. Fobby shares that his most significant reason for starting a podcast was to generate leads for his business. According to him, everything he does 24/7 is for recruiting loan officers, and podcasting is just another branch of that. The Podcast gives him a platform to generate leads with realtors and builders and allows him to be recognized as an industry leader. Similarly, Madison shares that it has helped her get her name out there. Podcasting is a great platform where you can be vulnerable and share your story and thing that are important to you. It is also a platform where you can get the most reach, similar to social media, as you can talk to 500 people in an hour. So, if you have an important message that needs to be heard and resonates with people, podcasting is the best way to get it out there. To hear more, go to, 05:00

Choosing Topics, You Feel Good Talking About

At 08:03, we talk about why you should choose something you feel good talking about. Just because people do something doesn’t mean you have to do it. Do what you feel good about that you can do regularly. What is essential is bringing experience that can help others. Podcasts are built on ideas. Creating a podcast is all about developing ideas into something specific and pre-planning your show. This does not mean you have to stick to a script in everything, but planning will allow you to return to the original idea when you side-track or get on tangents. Tangents are entertaining, but if you have an overarching goal or topic you want to cover, make sure to have a few bullet points of specific things you want to hit. This will allow you to recoup another question when the conversation is trailing off and bring it to the original topic instead of going down the rabbit holes.

The Name Game, Naming Your Podcasts

Next, we talk about the name game. As easy as it sounds, your listeners should be able to understand what they are listening to the moment they hear your title. We all judge a book by its cover, and podcast titles are no different. Wishing you had named your Podcast differently down the line is not something you want to do. Get your marketing team on board and lay down three core values you want to cover and a podcast name that aligns with your brand. The name game is huge, and you must also be careful when naming your episodes. Your episode title tells your audience what they will get when they listen to the show. Make sure you name your episode right to help your listeners to tune in for a reason. To hear more about the name game, go to 08:03

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