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How to deal with grief in the professional world

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Michael David Chapman, Co-Founder of LeadIn Social. We get into Grief and trauma, the truth about the ego, juggling business with Grief, and acknowledging the full spectrum of Grief.

Topics Discussed

· [03:08] Grief and trauma.

· [08:30] Unbending the ego.

· [12:49] Juggling business with Grief.

· [21:48] The full spectrum of Grief.

Key Takeaways

· “Your ego is not the problem. It’s your unbent ego.”

· “[Grief is] not just a loss, but a recognized loss.”

· “You can’t solve a problem you don’t know you have.”

· “Everything has led up to this exact moment.”

· “At the end, we can be grateful that we are grieving our loved one rather than our loved one grieving us.”

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