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It Doesn’t Matter Where Your Story Starts with Christine Beckwith Part – 2 of 2

Women Revision Versus Having the Right People at The Table. At 02:19, you will learn how to approach women revision correctly in your business. You don’t need 9 men and 9 women at the table to thrive. You need the right people. Christine explains that her goal with women’s revision is to help more female business owners not feel insecure about not having the education to run their businesses right. Most of us have learned to be leaders and run businesses from great men, but women are often intimidated to ask their male counterparts when they have a deficit because they fear being exposed and don’t know how to scale and create a proforma. Christine wanted to create a space where this type of learning could happen by bringing the teacher and creating the rooms to talk about things considered taboo. The Secret of 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching Growth and Success 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching is one of a kind. It has been growing tremendously from the beginning. Christine shares that the company started as a dream, and sharing their story has allowed people to show up to be part of their dream and help them feel it. Christine emphasizes that you should let the world know your story because people will want to get on a ride with you. Your story is your best marketing strategy, and being authentic is what has helped Christine’s company get ahead. 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching was built for scale from day one and not for conventional coaching. They also have the outlier support for grief, loss, health, and wellness and have built a community that allows people to be in their community, even when they are not in active coaching. To learn more, go to 09:01 How Christine Has Built 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching To Be Eventually Sold At 14:31, Christine explains how she has built 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching to run without her and eventually sell it. The company had a lot of her when she started and was under her name, but their goal is to be anonymous with education in their field. They are slowly pulling away her image to create a formative brand and a logo that will mean something and speak to people on its own. Christine also reveals that preparing her company to run without her started soon after opening her doors when she hired an SOP code writer. They started recording the standard operating processes and practices from the first day, and the company’s entire history is documented. So, if something happens to her tomorrow, there is a manual for its operation, and it can be purchased by somebody that can run it at the same profitable level. The Upcoming Summit and The Experience that People should Expect Christine shares that they knew when building the five-year business plan for 20/20 that to have a community of people, they had to have a face-to-face factor. They were creating a virtual platform, which would get them far, but breaking bread was vital for relationships. Their competitors were doing it, and they realized that if they had to be adopted nationally by the industry, they had to come out and show them they were there for business. Their first-year summit was a big venture financially, and for Christine, she did sleep for a week after they announced their first show. They had small stuff at the time and were unsure about the outcome, but they pulled off a great event. Last year’s summit was bigger and better, and this year it is going to blow the roof off. The theme is Eco Vision; What Going On In Your Universe, and they have something for everybody. To hear more, tune in at 18;37 The Energy And Drive Required To Fulfill A Vision At 24:00, Christine expounds on the drive required to fulfill a vision. She believes in fuelling passion and considers herself an evangelist in terms of success. Her message has to align with her tagline for 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching, Emotional Awakening Through Education. According to her, people run towards success when mo