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LLE Biographies: It Doesn't Matter Where Your Story Starts

Fobby Naghmi, National Sales Manager for First Option Mortgage, is joined by his friend Christine Beckwith, Founder and CEO of 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching. 

In their first interview in 2019, Christine told Fobby, “It doesn’t matter where your story starts,” and those words have since inspired him. 

We find that Christine came from humble beginnings, being the middle child of three sisters.  Their parents were married at a young age, and while it may have seemed they lacked in so many material niceties to the outside world, it was not so.   The parents raised their three girls with a drive and a moral compass that other children may not have had.  They provided what they could and instilled certain characteristics that would later enable Christine to rise to the top of her career.