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Madness' 2022 Wrap Up Edition

Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of LLE with Madness, we get into how this show all got started, calling in instead of out, our experiences with grief, Madison’s greatest year in business, and our recap of Madness 2022. 

Topics Discussed 

• [04:00] How this all started. 

• [08:06] Madison’s biased and unbiased favorite episodes. 

• [10:02] Keeping the momentum in 2022. 

• [12:30] Becoming unlimited. 

• [15:05] Calling in. 

• [16:55] Dealing with grief. 

• [20:05] Blending passion with purpose. 

• [24:24] Recap of 2022. 

• [27:28] Wrapping up. 

Key Takeaways 

• “Life is happening, and I’m part of life.” 

• “In this world, it’s easy to call out.”

• “There’s no handbook when you lose someone.” 

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Host: Fobby Naghmi. 

Co-Host: Madison Keenan.