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Madness' Blueprint for Attracting Realtors

In today’s episode of LLE with Madness, we get into the new year’s rates, realtors competing with Zillow’s partners, offering social media courses for realtors, the importance of adding extra value to your services, and Madison goes on a rant about crazy borrowers. 

Topics Discussed 

• [04:11] The Federal Reserve did not raise the rate. 

• [06:40] Madison’s realtor partners. 

• [09:30] Competing with Zillow partners. 

• [10:54] Social media courses for realtors. 

• [17:43] What can realtors do? 

• [21:25] Madison’s crazy borrower rant. 

• [29:56] Signing off episode 10. 

Key Takeaways 

• “Add value to the relationship.” 

• “The crazy borrowers never go away, whether you’re busy or slow.” 

• “Never worry about what you’re not getting.”

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Host: Fobby Naghmi.

Co-Host: Madison Keenan.