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Madness Goes To The 20/20 Vision Summit 2022

Fobby Naghmi, National Sales Manager for First Option Mortgage is joined by his co-host Madison “Madness” Keenan of AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

Madness goes to Tampa, FL to be part of the 20/20 Vision Summit.  Being at this summit for the 2nd year in a row, Madness was better prepared for the experience and was able to expand her network, like meeting Fobby for the first time in person!  Selfies were taken, but Fobby and Madness both felt they could have done a better job with taking pictures….maybe next year!

Madness walks us through her airport experience of waiting for a flight for 9 hours.  Her mom was in tow as they were moved from gate to gate.  But you can always count on Madness to make friends wherever she goes.

And finally, Fobby asked Madness how her week has been going. With mortgage interest rates rising and a housing market that is still not cooling, what is it like out there?  Fobby was slightly caught off guard at the initial response, thank God he kept digging for more clarity, cause then we got it!!!