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Madness' Thanksgiving 2022 Episode

It’s Thanksgiving with the Laugh, Lend and Eat show. Fobby Naghmi of Family First Funding wants to show his gratitude to Madison Keenan of Annie Mac Mortgage and producer John Perry. But somehow misses that point in the beginning. The good news is that all can feel gratitude and friendship by the show’s end!

Topics Discussed

· [01:25] Does anyone listen to the radio?

· [02:53] Madness is the oldest of 5 siblings.

· [06:30] Inflation has peaked

· [09:47] Give thanks at the dinner table

· [11:07] Madness’ first Thanksgiving without her grandmother

· [13:44] Funeral Potato’s

· [16:21] Gratitude is a very overused word

· [18:31] Slower market allows reexamining business relationships.

· [19:25] How to achieve instant gratitude

· [26:15] Thank you for being a friend

Key Takeaways

· “I have eight cousins and siblings, and we’re all a year apart.”

· “Rates go up rapidly, but they come down very slowly”

· “Time to reflect and readjust.”

· “Simple say instead of “I got to” “I get to”

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