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Madness' Tips For Boosting Your Credit Score

Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan celebrate the first anniversary of Madison joining the Laugh, Lend & Eat team.

Madison shares some tips on how she helps her borrowers increase their credit scores, including:

  • Keeping credit card balances low and paying them off in full each month
  • Disputing any errors on their credit reports
  • Keeping old credit accounts open to maintain a longer credit history
  • Limiting the number of credit applications and inquiries they make
  • Making all payments on time, including rent and utilities.

They discuss manicures and how they can reflect a Jersey girl’s week. As Madness shares her nails, it has been a rough week for Madness.

They also talk about a recent trip Fobby took to Jacksonville, where he saw a customer service rep with very long fake nails. He wondered about the challenges of typing with long nails.

The hosts then reminisce about past episodes and guests, including Kyle Draper, Johnny D, and Steve Scanlon, the “lizard brain guy.”

Fobby asks Madison the top three things she’s learned from being a podcast host.

First, Madison emphasizes the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone, which has helped her showcase different aspects of her personality and business.

Secondly, she mentions the importance of time management, which became critical as she had to allocate time for podcasting and other business aspects.

Lastly, she talks about the importance of saying no, which helped her prioritize and focus on what was truly important. Madison also reflects on how podcasting has provided her with a safe space to reflect and learn, and she plans to use these experiences to guide her future endeavors.