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Hosted by ⁠Fobby⁠of Homecomings Mortgage & Equity, the 2023 edition of the annual Meet the Recruiters episode on Laugh, Lend, and Eat the Podcast brings together an exciting panel that encapsulates the world of mortgage recruitment. This episode features a candid conversation with Dalilah Ramos from Love and Taco Media, Steve Tremayne of Team Mortgage Recruiters (TMR), and Michael Laka from Options ABC. Together, they share insights, laughter and reveal the dynamics of the mortgage industry in these turbulent times.

Panel Insights:

  1. The Language of Networking – Dalilah Ramos: The self-proclaimed taco-lover, Dalilah, brings a refreshing angle to networking, providing a connection between different job locations and professionals seeking new opportunities.

  2. Innovation in Recruitment – Steve Tremayne: Being new to social media, Steve Tremaine of TMR expresses how digital platforms have reenergized past relationships and enabled him to stay on top of his sphere of influence.

  3. Surviving the Turbulence – Mike Laka: The current climate has seen about 50,000 licensed loan originators pushed out. Mike Laka's strategic approach to this volatility emphasizes intentionality in conversations and constructive use of time.

The Social Media Edge:

The conversation highlights how social media has amplified recruitment efforts and allowed recruiters to foster connections and engage with existing and new candidates. Steve's candid revelation about his recent appearance in social media algorithms sheds light on how digital platforms can enhance visibility in the mortgage industry.

Reflection on the Past Year:

The past 12 months have been turbulent, filled with changes that resemble a never-stopping merry-go-round. Mike compares the current state to the refi boom from two and a half years ago, signifying a level of craziness that demands a strategic approach.


Meet the Recruiters episode has set the stage for a thrilling exploration of the mortgage industry's modern recruitment strategies, challenges, and success stories. With Fobby's engaging hosting style and a panel of industry experts, listeners can expect a blend of humor, insights, and valuable lessons from this six-part series. The anticipation builds for the next installment, promising more wisdom and laughter from the world of mortgage recruitment.