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Mortgages & Mindfulness

In this episode, Fobby Naghmi,  the Nat’l Sales Manager for First Option Mortgage, and Madison Keenan, loan officer for AnnieMac Mortgage, discuss how being mindful daily gives them more energy and clarity throughout the day. 

Mindfulness coach Loretta Turner (  and Kim Clancy, founder and CEO of Mindful Mortgage Group (, join Fobby and Madison in this episode.

Some key points in the episode are the following:  

  • Mindfulness is not always when we are meditating or doing yoga.  It can be any time and anywhere.
  • We need to take breaks from our work during working hours to be more effective at our work.
  • We learn that co-host Madison was, and is still, a yoga instructor.  
  • How do we stay grounded when our business is so chaotic? 

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