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No Company is Perfect

Do we have perfect companies? Companies that people are happy to work for every day of the year. Probably, we have some.

There is a common narrative where people say, “I love working with X company, but you know no company is perfect.” 

The big question is, are people okay with working for companies they believe are not even working toward perfection? Is just settling there the only option they have?

According to Fobby Naghmi, Divisional President of Homecomings Mortgage & Equity, the last thing he would want to hear any of the people he works with is how they love working for Homecomings,  but they understand that Fobby and Homecomings are not perfect. 

Fobby would like everyone who works for Homecomings feels like they are in the right place.  His team trusts him enough to bring up whenever they have an issue with the company.  And while some issues would be resolved, some bigger issues may take time, or the answer may be “not at this time.”  But Fobby would prefer having the dialogue.

In this episode, Fobby and  Michael David Chapman discuss how people can make their companies the best workplace. They also look at the different leadership mindsets and people to avoid when hiring, especially if you are looking for loan officers for a mortgage company.

Why candidates say “No company is perfect”:

  1. Candidates may say this to acknowledge that every company has its challenges and issues.
  2. It is also a way to express that they understand that a company is made up of human beings; therefore, there is no such thing as a perfect company.
  3. It might also be that the candidate is looking for a company willing to work on improving and addressing any issues that may arise.

Listen in and learn.

Key Talking Points of the Episodes:

[04:52] No company is perfect

[16:01] What is perfect, and what does it look like?

[19:22] The best way to recruit for your company

[27:08] What is the best mindset to have as a leader?

[29:04] Michael and Fobby’s definition of affirmation

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Human nature is to minimize.”

“Complacency equates to lack of engagement.”

“If you can’t work with me, at least go back, and improve your company. Don’t accept the fact that it’s not perfect.”

“Recruiting, anybody is like dating. You have to make a decision like, is this person someone that I do want to continue my dates with?”

“If you can’t get to perfection, at least try to get to perfection.”

“Great leaders will always see the gap.”