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Producing Managers & The 3-Legged Stool


[02:21] Why First Option is a sales-oriented and not an ops-orientated company

[08:30] Challenges that producing managers face and how to create your wins

[11:27] How to put your team’s priority above your priority as a producing manager

[14:12] How to find balance and calm in stressful situations

[18:33] Why mishandling a deal due to lack of communication is costly

[20:54] How to balance the three-legged stool for producing managers

[27:50] The importance of getting someone or something to be the third leg

[34:37] The importance of asking for help and learning from others

Fobby Naghmi, National Sales Manager for First Option Mortgage is joined by his co-host Madison “Madness” Keenan of AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

Our guests today are Melissa Willoby, Katie Sacriste, and Russell Hillyer. They are all producing managers and part of the First Option Mortgage company. Today we’re doing an episode dedicated to producing managers on some of the challenges and obstacles they face and how they can get their wins in different situations.

We dive into the concept of producing managers and the three-legged stool that every producing manager has to sit on.  The three legs consist of brand recognition;  recruiting loan officers;  and personal production

Most producing managers are good at two of the three legs of the stools.  They can either be good at brand recognition, personal production, and suck in recruiting, or good at recruiting, personal production, and suck in brand recognition. So, someone or something needs to be the third leg to help us find our balance and be productive in our area of focus.

If you are a producing manager of a mortgage team or thinking of becoming one, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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