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Rewriting the Job Search Rulebook: Tips for Making Bold Career Moves

What is the risk of staying in your current job? Is it courage or faith that pushes us to leap into the unknown? In today's rapidly changing job market, career decisions can be daunting.

Get ready to make informed career decisions with hosts Fobby Naghmi and Michael David Chapman on the latest episode of ”Beyond the Numbers.”

Here are the highlights of this engaging and informative episode:

Risk Versus Reward

One of the biggest challenges people face when considering a job change is weighing the potential risks versus the rewards. The hosts explore
the risks of changing jobs, including uncertainty and reputational risk, and how these can outweigh the rewards. They provide real-world examples
of people who have taken big risks in their careers and share valuable insights into making informed decisions.

Emotional Awareness and Accountability

When it comes to making important career decisions, emotional awareness and accountability are key. The hosts emphasize the importance of
having unbiased people in one's life who can help weigh the risks and make the best decisions. They discuss the role of fear and how it can hold people back
from acting. They suggest that acknowledging one's fears, moving forward with faith, and trusting that things will work out is an important step
toward making informed decisions.

The Importance of Courage

The hosts touch upon the concept of courage and how it can be a deciding factor in making big career moves. They describe courage not as the
absence of fear but as the willingness to act despite fear. They encourage listeners to embrace their fears and take calculated risks, reminding them that
success often requires stepping outside their comfort zone.

”No Company Is Perfect”

The conversation then shifts to ”no company is perfect,” which some candidates may use to decline a job
offer. While it may be true that no company is perfect, the hosts caution against using this statement as a cover for unrealized fear or as a way to
generalize and broad brush a company. They advise candidates on evaluating risks and rewards when considering job offers, suggesting that a
company's values and culture should be considered.

Truth versus ”My Truth”

Finally, the hosts propose the topic of the difference between truth and ”my truth” and how this can impact one's perceptions and decisions. They suggest that how people perceive and interpret the world is influenced by their experiences and beliefs, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations. They invite their listeners to share their thoughts and experiences on this topic, encouraging them to think critically about their own perceptions and beliefs.

Overall, ”Beyond the Numbers” hosts offer valuable insights and perspectives on risk, courage, and decision-making in the context of career and life choices. Their use of personal anecdotes and emphasis on emotional awareness and accountability make for an engaging and thought-provoking podcast episode. Tune in and gain valuable insights for your career journey.