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The Hiring Process is Broken!

Welcome to an exciting episode of our podcast, where we are joined by the incredible Michael David Chapman, Co-Founder of LeadIn Social. Get ready to buckle up and join us as we dive into intriguing topics!

Have you ever heard the phrase “under-promise, over-deliver”? We explore the intentions behind this strategy and whether it’s considered false advertising. And let’s remember the negative effects of false pride when it comes to underpromising.

Are you someone who struggles with the hiring process? Fear not; we have valuable insights on interview etiquette, bad hires, and verified information. You’ll be a hiring pro in no time!

But that’s not all; we also delve into personal decision-making processes and how to avoid making bad decisions after 30 years of marriage. And, of course, we could only end this episode by discussing the intent behind our posts.

So join us for an exciting episode full of engaging discussions and key takeaways. And remember, as Michael David Chapman puts it, “It’s all about decision-making processes.

Topics Discussed 

• [01:48] Under-promise, over-deliver. 

• [05:16] Is it false advertising to under-promise for the purpose of over-delivering? 

• [08:20] Under-promising and false pride. 

• [09:35] The hiring process posts. 

• [15:44] Bad hires with verified information. 

• [21:08] Making bad decisions after 30 years of marriage. 

• [23:12] Decision-making processes. 

• [27:00] Interview decorum. 

• [33:50] The intent behind the posts.  

Key Takeaways 

• “It’s about decision-making processes.”  

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