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What does the future of marketing look like in the age of artificial intelligence? In this episode of ”Laugh, Lend & Eat,” host Fobby Naghmi engages in an in-depth conversation with Geoff Livingston, an esteemed marketing strategist, distinguished photographer, and prominent voice in the intersection of AI and marketing.

Together, they traverse various subjects, from AI's obstacles and possibilities in the contemporary marketing landscape to the individual stories and projects that have sculpted their professional journeys and the profound effects of social media and technology on our personal lives and professional environments.

Geoff offers wisdom derived from his extensive experience, illuminating the shift in marketing paradigms as we step further into the domain of artificial intelligence and emphasizing the critical role of genuine human connections amidst our digital era. He also shares his enthusiasm for photography, illustrating how his distinctive vision and technique vividly encapsulate moments and narratives.

Listeners will gain invaluable insights for navigating the complexities of modern marketing and find inspiration to embrace their creative instincts or the sweeping changes introduced by AI. Loaded with humor, perceptive anecdotes, and expert guidance, this episode is an indispensable resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.