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In this insightful episode of the ”Laugh, Lend and Eat” podcast, part of the HOTSHOTS series, host Fobby Naghmi engages in a deep conversation with Stephen Moye, a distinguished loan officer from New American Funding in San Diego, CA, and a multiple-time honoree on the ”Scotsman Guide Top Loan Originator” list.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Stephen Moye's Career Journey:

    • Celebrating nearly 27 years in the mortgage industry.
    • His evolution from working in a grocery store to becoming a top loan officer.
  2. Market Challenges and Strategies:

    • Addressing the current market conditions, including interest rates and inventory issues.
    • Stephen's unique approach to overcoming these challenges.
  3. Importance of Technology and Database Management:

    • Utilizing CRMs and tools like Homebot for effective client engagement.
    • The critical role of maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date database.
  4. Personal Touch in Client Relationships:

    • The value of handwritten notes and personalized communication.
    • Strategies for maintaining client relationships amidst technological advancements.
  5. Consistency and Adaptability:

    • Stephen's emphasis on the need for consistent communication and adaptability in strategies.
    • How he has remained consistent in his performance despite market fluctuations.
  6. Utilizing Social Media:

    • Stephen’s approach to establishing a unique tone and presence on social media.
    • The impact of his content strategy on client engagement and brand building.
  7. Future Outlook:

    • Predictions for the mortgage industry in 2024, particularly in San Diego.
    • Stephen's perspective on the potential shifts in the market and how he plans to adapt.

Stephen Moye's experience and insights offer invaluable lessons for mortgage professionals. His blend of traditional client relationship tactics with modern technology, along with his adaptability and consistency, stand as key factors in his success. This episode not only highlights Stephen's achievements but also serves as a guide for other professionals navigating the dynamic landscape of the mortgage industry.