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The Real Realtors of New Jersey: Take 2

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Darcy Reynolds, Team Growth Manager at Streamlined Properties On-Market, Gina Scodella, Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Shore Properties, and Kristina Hajhassan, Realtor at Remax. We get into the recent rate increases, educating buyers, guidelines and overlays, inventory, seller expectations, cash buyers, and heading into the “new normal” market.

Topics Discussed

· [02:16] Borrowers no longer qualify due to the rate increase.

· [09:03] Pre-approved buyers.

· [11:34] Educating buyers.

· [12:56] Overlays.

· [14:40] Staying in your lane.

· [19:14] Inventory.

· [20:44] The seller’s expectations.

· [23:06] Is there more inventory on the market?

· [24:22] Preparing sellers for the market.

· [29:38] Is this a good time?

· [33:21] Cash buyers.

· [36:40] Second home properties.

· [39:02] Heading into a “normal market.”

Key Takeaways

· “It’s super important for realtors and clients to constantly communicate weekly, if not every other week.”

· “If they’re not pre-approved, they’re not ready to go.”

· “Good weather doesn’t make good sailors.”

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Kristina Hajjassan                                 @closewithkristina  

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