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The Real Realtors of New Jersey

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Darcy Reynolds, Team Growth Manager at Streamlined Properties On-Market, Gina Scodella, Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Shore Properties, and Kristina Hajhassan, Remax Realtor and Real Estate Investor. We get into social media marketing, Madison forgets her slogan, we remember our craziest clients, and we worry about the price of gas.

Topics Discussed

• [02:42] The use of social media in real estate.

• [11:03] Using different social media styles.

• [16:07] The slowdown in the market.

• [22:27] How realtors come up with uplifting adjectives.

• [23:56] Madison’s slogan.

• [26:11] The craziest clients.

• [30:27] The price of gas for the real estate industry.

• [34:17] The benefit of working on a team.

• [40:45] The anxiety of putting in offers and love letters.

Key Takeaways

• “It’s not a no, it’s a not right now.”

• “You need to have a really strong team.”

• “To really build wealth, you have to leverage either systems or other people to get there.”

• “The way you present your offers is so important.”

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Gina Scodella

Instagram: @realestatedarcy



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