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In this inaugural episode of ”Laugh, Lend and Eat: Soy Latino,” Vince Caicedo and Fobby Naghmi set the stage for a vibrant and informative podcast dedicated to serving the Spanish-speaking mortgage professional community.

They share their passion for the Spanish language, discuss the challenges of the real estate market, and introduce innovative programs such as ”Buy Now, Sell Later.”

With Homecomings Mortgage's bilingual team and commitment to inclusive and diverse representation, this podcast promises to be an invaluable resource for Spanish-speaking listeners seeking to grow their careers in the mortgage industry.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Spanish Language and Culture:

    • Vince and Fobby express their enthusiasm for the Spanish language and its significance in the mortgage professional community.
    • They highlight the importance of diversity and inclusivity in representing all voices within their ”Laugh, Lend, and Eat” community.
    • The hosts discuss their own experiences with Spanish-speaking radio shows and the positive response from listeners.
  2. Real Estate Market Challenges:

    • Vince discusses the real estate market in Jacksonville, Florida, highlighting its growth and influx of families relocating to the area.
    • The hosts address the common concern among homeowners about selling their homes and not finding suitable replacements due to low inventory.
    • They emphasize the significance of the Hispanic market in Florida, with one in four families being Hispanic and an increasing number of first-time Hispanic homebuyers.
  3. Introducing the ”Buy Now, Sell Later” Program:

    • Fobby introduces a unique program called ”Buy Now, Sell Later,” offered by Homecomings Mortgage.
    • This program allows homeowners to purchase a new home and gives them 180 days to sell their previous home, offering flexibility and peace of mind.
    • The hosts express their excitement about this program and its potential benefits for homeowners in today's competitive market.
  4. The Secret Sauce of Homecomings Mortgage:

    • Vince explains the secret sauce behind Homecomings Mortgage's success, highlighting their efficient process and comprehensive support.
    • The hosts emphasize the advantages of a bilingual team that assists Spanish-speaking borrowers, from origination to processing and closing.
    • They discuss the team's ability to cater to the needs of Hispanic homebuyers and provide them with a seamless and comfortable experience.

Stay tuned for more engaging discussions, exciting guests, and a celebration of Latin flavor on future episodes of ”Laugh, Lend and Eat: Soy Latino.”