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Welcome to the inaugural episode of ”Voces Latinas,” hosted by Fobby Naghmi and co-host Dalila Ramos. In this vibrant kick-off, we delve into the rich world of Spanish-speaking mortgage professionals. Fobby, a seasoned leader in the mortgage industry, and Dalila, a dynamic force with deep cultural roots, engage in a candid discussion about the significance of bilingualism and cultural diversity in mortgage lending.

This episode explores the nuances of code-switching, the art of adapting language and demeanor in different cultural contexts, a skill invaluable in the diverse landscape of today's mortgage industry. Our hosts share personal anecdotes, reflecting on their experiences of navigating multiple languages and cultures in their personal lives and professional careers.

Listen in as Fobby and Dalila highlight the growing need for Spanish-speaking professionals in the mortgage sector. They discuss how being bilingual opens doors to new opportunities, allowing for a better connection with a broad spectrum of clients and understanding their unique needs. The conversation also touches on the evolution of the role of Spanish-speaking loan officers from the early 2000s to the present day, noting the significant increase in bilingual professionals in origination and operations.

”Voces Latinas” isn't just about language; it's about the stories, challenges, and triumphs of those who bridge cultures daily. This podcast celebrates Hispanic and Latino influence in the mortgage industry and is a testament to the power of diversity. Join us for an enlightening and inspiring journey into the world of Spanish-speaking mortgage professionals. Whether you're in the industry or simply interested in cultural dynamics, this episode offers valuable insights and lively discussions.

Bienvenidos a ”Voces Latinas”!