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What You Need To Know About Renovation Loans

Fobby Naghmi, host of Laugh, Lend and Eat, talks with Vince Nepolitan, National Renovation Sales Manager for EPM Wholesale

The two first met in 2018 when the same mortgage lender employed them.  Fobby made a point of saying the “other lender that shall not be named.”  This was meant to tell Vince not to mention that company’s name for whatever reason!

Why Belief Matters

The conversation moved to Vince’s current company, EPM Wholesale, and the fact that Vince believes in EPM and is reciprocated back to Vince.   Having a belief in your work life is a critical component that is often overlooked by many.   Once you believe in one another, the first significant step has been taken to build a relationship on trust.

Renovate Me

Vince has released his book, Renovate Me.  The book dives into Vince’s childhood as an abandoned teenager living on the streets of Las Vegas.  His father was on drugs, and his mother did not want him around.  His environment was gang life, selling drugs, and living on the street.   From there, his journey took a miraculous turn.

Absence Creates Shadows

Fobby noted that the absence of not having a father in his life ultimately made Vince a better father to his children.  He added that the absence of specific beats in music creates rhythm, so why would the exact blueprint not apply in life?  Vince wholeheartedly agreed.  Both of Vince’s children are in college, and Vince is deeply embedded in his children’s lives.  

Renovation Loans

With the real estate market entering a buyer’s market, per Vince, it’s more important than ever to offer a home renovation loan program.  He explained why doing a renovation loan makes so much sense.  Vince also feels that most residential loan officers are afraid of a product they don’t understand and have not taken the time to learn.   

To learn more about Vince and his book, “Renovate Me,” please go to his website,