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Show Notes- LLE Podcast with Joe, Delilah, and Raquel

Growing your presence on social media

At 3:15, we learn how people meet and build relationships on social media. In the past, meeting someone online was weird, but today it’s the impulse. Social media is for being social, and it is not just for posting funny memes but also for asking for the business. However, everybody has the means of communication that resonates with them most, and for Joe, memes are key. They are his criteria for keeping his engagements and friendships going on social media.  Statistics show that a large number of relationships start online. In fact, most of us often kick off relationships either in person, which transit to online relationships, or online to personal relationships, and this is totally normal.

Developing social networks professionally to create real relationships

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to increasing your social networks. Everybody has their favorite means, and going multi-format is important for any type of communication. According to Joe, this is one reason why online relationships often turn into personal relationships. As an individual or a salesperson, if you want to have a relationship with someone, you have to adapt to their communication style and needs in order to take that next step. Sale is social, and they go hand in hand. Developing successful relations online is the ability to adapt, change and use different formats that make sense out there. However, if you are not putting yourself out there and are unwilling to take that step, it will never happen. You have to go out and make it happen. To hear more, go to 9:05

How to increase your leads and referrals from your social engagements

At 12:46, Delilah defines engagement on social media through comments and likes. However, sometimes people engage with your content, but they don’t tell you they engage. For Raquel, even with a lot of engagement, visibility, and presence on LinkedIn, she was making zero dollars, despite having a great influence. She was not doing the asking and didn’t have a call to action. Relating to this, Joe argues that many people come to social media thinking they want to be influencers, but if you pull off the layers of the onion, all they want is business. People want to get more referrals from their influence and engagements to increase their leads. However, from his experience, Joe has discovered that more often, some of the lowest engaging posts have the highest leads and referrals. What matters is consistency in posting value to your audience.

Bringing your social media personality to the real world

Delilah shares that you just have to be genuinely who you are so that people will find the same person today, tomorrow, and next week. Being consistent is absolutely the most critical thing, and if you are faking it, you can’t keep up with the consistency. For her, being her authentic self is what gives her permission to connect with people and create genuine relationships. She doesn’t give tips or actional steps to her audience. She leads by example by showing up just the way she is and keeping real.  To hear more on how you can maintain a consistent personality on social media and in the real world,  go to 19:48.

Attracting your Tribe and building a community
At 21:51, Raquel shares tips on how to find your tribe and build a community. She did it mutually. She is fun of other people and makes a point to reach out to people who can help her business grow. Being intentional and working on attracting people with the same energy is the way to create authentic relationships. You can find your tribe on social media, just show up authentically and keep it real to surround yourself with people you are proud of. On the other hand, Joe shares that your vibe attracts your tribe, and who you are is who you end up surrounding yourself with. According to him, reciprocation is very important if you want to stay connected. You can’t show up on social media and not give any reciprocation to anybody else. You also must engage with other people’s content, reach out to people and provide value. The absence of this leads to fakeness, so put yourself out there and give people the opportunity to connect with you in different ways.
How to add your personality to your social media
At 28:18, Delilah shares tips on how you can bring your giving personality to social media. She loves Jesus, and her faith makes it a responsibility and obligation to give to others. The mortgage industry has provided so much to her in the last 21 years, and she owns multiple properties. She also does taco Tuesday videos to make a living and create personal connections. When people see you in a video, they feel like they know you. Matching your online persona to your real-life personal is key, and Delilah has been doing it to grow her business and social networks.
The power of using videos in creating connections on social media
The brain does not recognize the difference between real life and videos, which makes videos so powerful. Videos have more than 30% more engagement than photos, and when people see your videos, they feel as if they know you. Videos resonate with people because they can see you, your mannerism, and the way you connect. As human beings, we’re always looking for real connections, and videos allow you to feed people your energy and make them feel like a part of the activity. However, according to Rachael, when you recognize what you are good at and what your audience connects with, take advantage of it and put more of that out there. Figure out what you can be consistent in, and whether it’s visual or text, people who will resonate and connect with you. To learn more about visual and text superpowers, go to 33:23






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